Woman marries her brother’s cousin, who has a black brother, to help them pay rent

In India, people are often asked to help with house-rent and maintenance if they’re black.

But the bride and groom are not, and this wedding, which was held in a house in Bangalore, India, was about more than that.

The bride, Sita Rajesh, was married to her brother, Ravi Rajesh.

The groom, Manoj Sharma, was also married to his cousin, Prashant Sharma.

They had planned the wedding in their respective cities.

The bride and the groom had a big ceremony and a big wedding.

There were over 150 guests, who were all invited by their families.

But one of the guests was the brother of the groom, who is also a farmer, and they decided to have the wedding outside their home town, instead.

“We decided to come to a small village in Karnataka, about 1,400 km (832 miles) from our hometown,” Manoj said.

They also decided to celebrate the wedding outdoors, in the fields.

The wedding was held inside the small town of Bhagirathi.

It was also the wedding of a white person.

The wedding was a huge success.

“The wedding took a lot of planning, planning that we were able to carry out without any help from the outside world,” Manaj said.

“This was not easy, because we are farmers, and we were very poor.”

The bride, who was born with Down syndrome, has been working in the field for more than 15 years.

She is now a homemaker.

“I love this job and it’s a wonderful thing to do,” she said.

She is also an advocate for people with disabilities, who are not usually involved in weddings.

“There are people who are married with Down Syndrome and don’t know any different, and these people don’t get a lot out of it.

They’re like a burden on the wedding.

So we decided to do something about it,” she added.

This story was updated to include the bride’s surname.


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