How to make your wedding day more memorable

You have a great wedding in mind, but now what?

The wedding planner may have your cake and eat it too.

But how do you decide what is your best and most interesting day?

You might think you’re done when your guests leave, or the music gets boring.

But then you might be surprised at how you can make your day more special by taking things in new directions.

We’ve rounded up the best tips on wedding planning for your next big day.

What do you need to know?

Read on for some wedding planning tips to get your day started off right.1.

Plan a time to spend with your guestsBefore you start planning your big day, take a moment to plan your day to make it a better place to spend it.

This can mean going out to dinner, seeing a movie, going out for drinks or even just sitting down for a coffee.

Some wedding planners recommend planning a day when you’re not there and instead taking your guests with you.

For example, you might go out to eat with your husband’s friends or a romantic dinner with friends from the city.2.

Consider a time-limited wedding You can take advantage of time-limits to ensure that your guests will feel welcome.

If you can, then it’s time to make sure you get to the point of making your guests feel comfortable.

If not, make sure they feel welcome too, whether they’re just getting ready to go or waiting for you at home.3.

Get the most out of the locationYou can’t always choose where your wedding will be held, but you can look to local events to see if there are areas that suit your needs.

Check local news and social media sites to see which weddings are happening on your local calendar.

For a little extra spice, consider booking a venue where you can put on a show, such as a cocktail reception, wedding reception or private event.4.

Plan for the weatherIf you’re planning to take the day to the beach, it’s important that you plan for the best weather you can.

If it’s cloudy or raining, you can try to choose a time where it won’t rain, such a as the afternoon.

But if it’s sunny and it’s raining, it might be best to go indoors, because the sun’s out and the wind is blowing.5.

Plan your menuWhen it comes to choosing your menu, plan to keep your options small.

Instead of a traditional menu with a lot of options, have your guests choose what they want to eat, whether it’s a burger, salad or pizza.

They can choose from a variety of options including salads, sandwiches, steaks and desserts.6.

Take a moment for a romantic mealThe key to making your big night a memorable one is having a romantic evening, says wedding planner Rachel Fink, PhD. Make sure you plan to have a romantic date that will be memorable, even if you’re alone.

She says you should take some time to sit down with your spouse and start thinking about what you can bring to the table that you would enjoy alone.

You can also bring in your favorite gifts for your guests to help make your big wedding day a special one.7.

Take advantage of free wifi in the hotelIf you need some extra help to make the most of your free wifi, consider finding an area with free wifi.

If there’s no free wifi available in the area, then consider booking some complimentary WiFi access at a nearby hotel.8.

Try to get an event going beforehandThis might be a tricky one to pull off.

It depends on the type of event you’re looking to have, but if you have some ideas about what kind of event might be right for you, then you can consider starting with planning an event before you book your wedding.

If the wedding is for two or more people, then try to plan a group wedding for your friends or colleagues.

You may want to consider doing a free yoga class, too.9.

Plan an event that works with your calendarYou might want to try out a different event each year to see how it works, says Fink.

You might try out something different for your anniversary or graduation, for example.

Or if you need a bigger party, consider planning a birthday party, a big reception or even a party for a friend or colleague.10.

Find a venueYou can always make the best of your space, but sometimes planning your wedding on a bigger stage can make things a little less spontaneous.

For some couples, the venue may be their home, but for others, it may be a hotel room or a guesthouse.

If your event is to have more guests, it could be a bigger venue, but there’s always room for flexibility.11.

Make it a family eventWhether it’s your first or your third wedding, planning your event to be family friendly can make all the difference.

For instance, a small wedding can include some simple but fun decorations, such in a small hall or even in


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