Wedding planning and insurance coverage for a wedding from India

By Rajesh Srivastava, Insurance Adviser, MintThe average bride cost $6,200 and she will be spending around $15,000 of it on a wedding, a new report has found.

However, she will need to cover her own expenses including wedding planning and wedding insurance, said an official from a private insurance brokerage.

The bride’s personal expenses will come to $2,200-2,300, according to the report.

If the bride does not have a husband or partner to pay for her wedding, she could find herself in the position of having to rely on her parents, who will not be able to help her, the report said.

In an age of the digital revolution, there is no shortage of options for couples to plan their wedding, including a website, a video, social media or even an app, said Amit Kumar, CEO of India’s largest insurance brokerage, Allianz, in a phone interview.

There is a need to be very well-thought through about wedding planning to be able in such a digital age, he added.

If you’re planning to get married, be ready to pay.

If you’re not, then you should get married and make sure you cover your own expenses, he said.


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