Wedding Photographer Who Should Try A Wedding Photography Plan

A photo session is a great way to make new friends, but you can also use it to get more creative and to get your photography skills up to speed.

Here are the best wedding photographers for the bride and groom, according to their social media presence.


Lauren Zemmert (Photo by Lauren Zeminert/Getty Images) Lauren Zemanert is a wedding photographer who has had a huge impact on wedding planning.

Her Instagram account features a lot of beautiful photos of weddings, but also shows a little bit of her love for life.

You can find her photos in a variety of genres and genres, including photography, fashion, music, and more.

Her social media has become a huge influence on wedding photography.

She recently announced that she’s starting a new blog with her husband, Matt.

The site is titled Wedding Planning Tips, and it will be updated regularly with tips and tricks for wedding photographers.


Sara Zemmar (Photo courtesy of Sara Zeman/Getty) Sara Zeminer is a photographer who loves to travel.

She’s been in and out of countries, but she also loves to stay in her hometown of Minneapolis.

She lives in the Twin Cities, where she enjoys exploring new places, going to festivals, and enjoying a good coffee with her friends.

She started her blog in 2015, and she regularly posts images of her adventures to her Instagram account.

The blog has become extremely popular, and now has over 1.2 million followers.


Natalie Hildebrandt (Courtesy of Natalie Hildenbrandt/Getty Photo) Natalie Hernaldt is a professional photographer and wedding planner who lives in New York City.

She was a wedding planner at the New York Post and also worked as a wedding planning assistant at the Marlboro Club.

She has been featured in several wedding planning blogs, and you can find some of her photos on her Instagram page.

Hildebrands wedding planning blog has over 7.5 million followers, and there’s plenty of information about it on her website.


Katelyn O’Connor (Photo: Lauren Zemiert/Flickr) Katelynn O’Conner is a writer and photographer based in New Hampshire.

She is known for her beautiful photography and her wedding photography blog, Katelynd.

Her photos are shared on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Her wedding planning tips and ideas can be found on her wedding planning page.


Sarah Niedermayer (Photo credit: Lauren O’Connell/Flickr, via Pinterest) Sarah Niesermayer is a designer and photographer.

She works in photography, graphic design, and digital photography.

You might recognize her work from her work at The Knot.

She created her own wedding planner, The Knot Wedding Planner, which is the inspiration behind The Knot Bride, and has shared her wedding plans on her blog, Wedding Planning Tip.


Megan R. Anderson (Photo via Pinterest, via Flickr) Megan Anderson is a personal trainer, fitness model, and a wedding and event planner.

Her blog, WTF Wedding, has over 11 million followers and her Pinterest page has over 9 million followers as well.


Kelly E. Pang (Photo photo via Facebook, via Instagram, via The Knot, via Etsy, via Getty Images) Kelly E Pang is a former fashion model, fashion photographer, and photographer from San Francisco.

She worked for several top fashion magazines and was featured on the cover of Glamour Magazine.

She currently lives in San Francisco and has been sharing her beautiful photos on Instagram.


Jennifer Kagan (Photo © Jason Merritt/Getty Image) Jennifer Kagan is a social media marketing expert and wedding photographer based out of Portland, Oregon.

She began her career in marketing at an agency, and after several years working in various marketing roles, she decided to launch her own agency.

She and her husband are big fans of Pinterest, and they love to share their amazing photography.


Laura Bensinger (Photo (c) Lauren Bensner/Flickr via Getty Image) Laura Bensen is a freelance wedding photographer from Brooklyn.

She graduated from New York University’s photography program in 2017, and works with various agencies and brands.

She enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, and playing with her dogs.

Her Pinterest page is packed with her incredible photos of her incredible life.


Kate O’Brien (Photo Courtesy of Kate OBrien/ Kate Obernott is a talented designer and wedding photography enthusiast.

She first learned how to design wedding dresses and wedding dresses were created, while still in high school, from her mother.

Kate is a huge fan of Pinterest and has an impressive following of over 11.5million followers.


Nicole Daugherty (Photo source: Instagram) Nicole Daughherty is a photojournalist and wedding planning consultant who works


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