The #weddingsplan registry is finally here! You can now create a wedding plan from scratch!

Now you can create your own wedding registry, a feature first announced by the company in January, and add all the details and information you need to plan a wedding.

You can also upload photos, create events, and even choose your wedding day.

Wedding registry is currently available on the company’s website.

You’ll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.

If you don’t have a browser, you can try our mobile-friendly WeddingPlanner app.

“We want to make it easy to share the process of planning a wedding,” a spokesperson for The Bride & Groom told Mashable.

“It’s an easy way to get started, but also really powerful for a lot of people.

We hope that people who are already planning their wedding and would like to share it with the world will use this.”

WeddingPlaner has already begun to receive requests from people who want to share their wedding planning process on social media.

If the registry becomes popular enough, the company hopes to bring it to Apple devices in the future.

The registry is a service that allows you to plan, organize, and share your wedding with anyone and everyone.

It’s a little different from what you might see on the wedding registry sites that are out there today.

For example, you may be looking for a listing for a wedding ceremony.

But instead, you’ll be looking at a listing that includes photos of the wedding, a description, and a list of dates, according to The Bride and Groom.

It also allows you add details such as the date of your ceremony and the venue.

You will need an html5 capable web browser to view this content, and will need to sign up for a free WeddingPlanter account to do so.

You need an apple to read this article.

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