Wedding cakes plan to give customers the ability to customize their own wedding cake

Plans are already being floated for wedding cakes to give diners the ability “to choose and customize the shape and style of their own custom wedding cake,” according to an online wedding planning company.

“We have been working with traditional wedding vendors in North America to get the right design for our customers and have started the process of designing a new product that will allow us to offer the ability for our guests to create custom wedding cakes and custom orders,” said Lisa Henningsen, chief marketing officer for Plano, Texas-based Wedding Baking Company.

Henningsens company will be launching a “New Product” to its website and online shop in early 2019, and it plans to “introduce the first customers” to it.

Customers will be able to customize and print their own customized wedding cake in four sizes: 3-inches wide, 3-inch tall, and 3-by-4 inches wide, according to Wedding Bakers.

Hennens said they plan to provide a “customer service” tool that will enable customers to “do exactly what you want to do” with their custom wedding designs.

Hennyks, who has been involved in the industry for more than 25 years, said they have received a number of inquiries from wedding vendors.

“Customers have told us that they really like the product,” Hennyks said.

“They really love the customization aspect of it.

They really enjoy having the ability as a customer to create a custom wedding.

And then when they receive it, they really enjoy it.”

The company said it plans on opening a booth at the upcoming Cinco de Mayo celebration in San Antonio, Texas, where it plans “to offer a wide range of cakes for everyone.”

“Custom orders are one of the biggest growth drivers for Wedding Baked Co.,” Hennykes said.

“For our customers, we’re hoping to make them as happy with the custom cake as they are with the wedding cake itself.”

The wedding cakes, which Hennyaks said are “designed to fit perfectly into the space that the wedding planner and the bride have chosen,” will be available “at all of our local brick-and-mortar locations, as well as online at,” Hennes said.

Wedding Baking has been offering cakes since the 1970s, but Hennys company expanded into other areas, including catering.

“The wedding catering market is one of our fastest growing segments,” Hens said.

“Custom cakes are very popular with guests because they’re so versatile and easy to create.

We also love that we can customize our cakes for anyone.”

Customers can expect to pay $50 for a “personalized” cake and $75 for a custom order.

The custom order will include a custom-printed cake design, the size of the cake, and the price of the service, according Hennons.

The wedding baker also said they will be offering a variety of “special” wedding cakes as well, including cakes for special occasions, as long as they fit within the guidelines of the “traditional wedding cake.”

Custom orders will be honored for “a minimum of four weeks,” according Hens.

Custom orders, Henns said, “are often considered a premium item and have a limited supply of available.”

The “custom cake” and “special wedding cake” will not be available online at Wedding Bakes.

Hennykins said they are working with the “largest wedding cake company in the world,” “to bring you the most custom wedding wedding cakes available online.”

Hennsens said that “custom orders are an extremely important part of the wedding planning process” and that “we understand that customers will appreciate the custom nature of their wedding cake.

That’s why we’ve developed our wedding cake service, so that you can choose your own custom cake.”


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