When it comes to wedding insurance, Mexico’s ‘fancy ranch’ is cheaper than Mexico’s priciest ranch

A ranch in Mexico that’s home to “fancy” ranching is cheaper to insure than a Mexico City ranch, according to a new report.

The Mexico City-based Institute of Urban Planning and Planning found that a ranch in the western state of Guerrero is cheaper in terms of annual coverage than the cheapest ranch in Puebla, the capital of Pueblo state, which has a population of more than 70,000.

The Institute said in its study that the Pueblan-Guerrero border town of Chiriboga, where many families live, is one of the few places where a ranch-type plan is still available, even though it costs much more than a traditional Mexican ranch.

The new study, which comes on the heels of a previous report that found Mexico’s rural areas were becoming more expensive, came as a surprise to the Institute, which had predicted that the country would face a budget crisis as the country’s population ages.

According to the report, the Punta del Este region, which covers about 60 percent of the country, is the most expensive in the country.

Punta del Espirito Santo, which is home to about 70,500 people, is home the cheapest of all regions, the report found.

It’s a sign that the new budget crisis is getting worse, said Manuel Rueda, an economics professor at the Instituto de Estudios de Cultura y Economía in Mexico City.

The poverty rate is around 20 percent in Punta Del Este, and it’s rising, Ruedo said.

People need to work more, he said.

And the price of the ranch increases.

The report also showed that Punta-Del-Este is the countrys most expensive area of a state that has been in the spotlight for a lack of infrastructure, the Institute said.

The region also has high rates of HIV infection, which can lead to poor health outcomes.

Rueda said that many Mexicans don’t understand how expensive the Patels can be, which makes them more likely to be the ones who pay for their own healthcare.

Patels are considered affluent when they own their own property, meaning they’re more likely than others to pay for healthcare in their own countries.

This is a key reason why a lot of people don’t have insurance, said Ruedas.

They need to pay.

The Institute’s new report comes after a similar study last year by the Institute of Governmental Studies that found that Patel-dominated states like Guerrero are among the poorest in the world.


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