‘Never give up’: A bride who didn’t give up on her dream

Never give up.

Never give in.

Never stop believing.

This was the message that I got when I wrote the wedding invitation for my wife to our dream wedding. 

 My wife and I both went to the wedding, with a great crowd, on a beautiful day in the heart of the city.

It was one of those beautiful days, when the sun is shining, with the wind in our hair, and the smell of roses on the air. 

I was in love.

I could not have imagined that this would happen. 

On the day of our wedding, I did not know that the dream I had was coming true. 

After we took the bride back to our house, I was surprised to find her still in the car. 

“I was expecting to see her soon,” she said. 

A week later, we finally met. 

As soon as I came home, I had a talk with my wife about what had happened and what I needed to do. 

For the next few months, I went back and forth with my parents about what I should do.

I went through the whole process of giving my bride up to the police, which was difficult for my parents to handle. 

My husband and I are currently living in a very small town, and I can’t be there to support her financially. 

It was a tough decision to make. 

But it is a good decision, because our wedding is a dream for both of us. 

Now, I am a father.

I feel very happy. 

The most important thing is to live your life the way you love, and never give up hope. 

We are so happy, and it is going to be the most wonderful wedding we have ever had. 

K.S. Narender, the author of ‘The Bride Who Didn’t Give Up’ and ‘The Wedding Planner’


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