How to plan a wedding in 10 minutes or less

A wedding planning process is often as simple as choosing a venue, booking a venue guide and choosing a dress code.

But as the process becomes more complex, it’s important to ensure your guests are getting the information they need to make an informed decision.

“You want to be as clear and as simple to answer as possible so they don’t have to do anything,” Ms MacGowan says.

A few things to remember:  A wedding planner should not be a hotel receptionist.

Bouquet arrangements are a big decision, so it’s best to get an experienced wedding planner involved.

If you’re planning to have a reception at a private home or at a church, ask the guests if they would like to be notified beforehand. 

A few things you can do before a wedding:  Make sure your wedding planners website is up to date. 

Don’t forget to read wedding planning guides. 

Check to see if there are any tips or suggestions that will help you prepare for the event. 

Find out if there is a wedding planning guide for the area you’re going to attend. 

Ask your local wedding planner for advice. 

Look at the cost of the wedding. 

If you’re renting a venue or buying a venue with a low cost, you can look at the costs of the venues, or the fees. 

Make a note of the amount of money you’re paying for your wedding.

  If you’ve got guests who aren’t prepared for the ceremony, ask them to prepare in advance. 

 “You might get some people who think they’re really bad planners, and then you’ll get some of those people who are actually really good planners,” Ms Mogg says.

“That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, but it’s really important that you’re giving them enough information so they know what to expect.”

The thing about planning weddings, is you can’t plan everything at once, and so it all depends on what you want to achieve with your wedding.” 

A good wedding planner can be just as helpful to you as the guest, Ms Macgowan says, and you’ll often find that people are prepared to help you plan.

Read more: Can you tell if a wedding planner is the right person to help your guests?


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