How to create a wedding catering service with zero work

I’ve seen so many wedding planners tell you to have everything ready in advance and that everything needs to be ready by the time you’re planning your big day.

I know, I’ve heard this too.

I’ve done weddings, too, and I’ve even had the honor of being a wedding planner for a wedding reception.

And while I’ve never personally done a wedding that required any work, I can tell you the following: a) It is very, very easy to forget to prep for a reception and/or wedding if you don’t know where you’re going and where your guests will be. b) You should know what you’re buying before you buy it. c) It’s a lot easier to do a wedding at home if you know what your guests want.

d) If you’re using a food truck, have a plan for how you’re getting your guests to come to the reception, and have a list of food trucks you’ll be driving around with.

e) Having a great wedding can be a hassle if you have to make reservations or you have no idea how long your reception will last.

So here are my tips on how to make sure you’re ready for your big wedding.


Get to Know Your Guests 1.

You’ll never have a wedding more special and exciting than your own.

You will want to give the wedding the special treatment you want it to get, so it’s important that you’re prepared to do everything you can to make your guests feel welcomed.

Here are some of the tips I have for creating a great party plan for your wedding reception: a.

Get a list.

It’s so important to make a list for your guests.

You don’t want to just throw everything together and have them come to your wedding, so make sure it’s on your list.


Have your list ready.

You should have a calendar with all your wedding party guests, plus your main guests and guests of friends and family.

That way, you can easily keep track of who is coming to the wedding and who isn’t. c.

Be specific.

Don’t be afraid to make the wedding party as specific as possible.

If you have a specific plan for each guest’s seating location and if you’re only doing one person, it can be confusing.

But don’t be discouraged if you need to be flexible.

Your wedding guests will come from a variety of backgrounds and ages.

So make sure that it’s as easy as possible for them to find you at your reception.


Know who’s going to be there.

For most people, the wedding will take place in their home.

But some people may want to have a private ceremony in their own home.

Know that the wedding planning department at your venue can handle this.

Your party planners will be able to help with this.


Set a time.

If the wedding is a weekend event, you’ll want to set a time when everyone can arrive.

But you may want a more relaxed time.

Also, be sure that your party planners are available to help you set the time.


Create a list that includes everything.

If your guests don’t have any particular preferences about where they want to go, that’s OK.

They should just know where they’re going.

That’s your party plan.

You can even put in a note that you have specific dates, so that you can schedule your guests on those dates.


Make sure you make it clear that your wedding will be a party.

Your guests will feel welcomed and at ease.

If they are expecting guests, you should let them know that.

The most important thing to remember is that your guests have the right to be at your wedding if they want them.

But if they’re not, you have the option of getting them a private party, or inviting them to a private reception.


Be prepared to make mistakes, and not be surprised.

It takes a lot of planning to make good plans for a big event like a wedding, and it takes a great deal of preparation to prepare a party that will be successful.

So don’t expect a party to go smoothly if you make a few mistakes.

You need to make these mistakes with your guests, too.

For example, if you decide to have dinner with your closest friends and get a big party, that can cause some problems.

And if your guests are only interested in going to your reception, they may not get the party they’ve been looking for.

This is where the planning staff can help you.

A big mistake that you need not make is asking a wedding party to dress up for a party they don’t even want to be part of.

I don’t mean dress up as a cowboy or a superhero, I mean dressing up as someone who isn’t a member of your family.

So if you do have guests who don’t really want to attend your reception and are concerned about how they’ll feel, you may need to put in more work.


Set the decor


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