How to prepare for the wedding planning process

Planning is the most important step in planning a wedding and it can be tricky to find the right venue, but you don’t have to wait until you’re in the planning stages to get the most out of your wedding.

Here are 10 simple steps to getting started.


Read the venue’s website.

It will tell you a lot about the wedding venue you are considering, but here’s what to look out for: What is the venue name?

Is it a large, well-known business or a smaller, less well-recognised business?

Are the tables set up so that guests can have a seat at a table, but no one else can sit there?

Are there lots of chairs available for guests to sit on?

Does the venue have a big dance floor?

Is there a large venue at the end of the wedding route?

What type of entertainment is available at the venue?

Is the venue in a rural area?

What types of decorations are on display?

Does it have a fire pit?

Is your venue decorated with large banners or signs?

Are you using outdoor seating?

Is everyone on foot?

Is food provided?

Does everyone have an elevator?

Is seating in the venue arranged so that people can take their seats in a specific spot?

Does this venue have parking?

Is each of the venue locations designated as a private, private event?

Is this venue set up to allow pets?

Does your venue have security?

Is anyone who’s not a guest at your wedding planning to be present?

Is everything on a soundproof basis?

Do the tables have a lock on them?

Does anyone check that you have a key for each guest?

Is someone else at the event also carrying a key?

Do people check for guests in advance of the event?

Do guests have to wear masks?

Does a staff member or other event staff check IDs at the entrance to your venue?

Does any of the signage around the venue say “no pets” or “no children” or anything similar?

Is all the venue signage in English?

Do you have to pay for parking?

Are all of the vendors selling food and drink in your venue, including your catering company?

Is any of your venue’s staff allowed to carry guns?

Are vendors allowed to have guns on their property?

Is parking in your hotel/condo allowed?

Is a “no dogs” sign placed at the front of your hotel?

Is security present at all times?

Is people allowed to leave the venue early without paying?

Are people allowed outside the venue at any time during the ceremony?

Is an outdoor balcony allowed?

Do security check ID cards and badges at the door?

Is one of the guest’s parents or other family members allowed to take a photo with them?

Are guests allowed to bring pets to the venue without a vet’s permission?

Do any guests wear masks during the event or are they allowed to wear a face mask?

Is every table reserved for one person at the wedding?

Do each of your guests get a separate set of keys to each room at the ceremony, with the same number of keys for each person?

Does each guest have to carry a key to each table in the ceremony if he/she is not wearing a key or face mask at the time?

Is everybody in the hotel/casino allowed to walk up to guests in the lobby and ask them to get off their tables if they want to make reservations?

Is anybody required to use a wheelchair?

Are some of the tables marked as “no guests” or if a guest has a disability, “no disabilities”?

Does the receptionist or receptionist’s name appear on the door of each table?

Does every table have a “yes” sign posted at the back of the room?

Are tables marked “no tables” or a “full table” on the reception desk?

Does anybody who’s bringing a guest into your venue get a key on the first day of the ceremony or does it happen on the second day?

Does someone at the reception check IDs for each visitor?

Is anything written on the venue website that indicates a venue is private?

Does somebody at the hostess desk check ID badges and IDs at all time?

Do someone at your reception check ID credentials at the start of each day?

Are doors closed?

Does everybody wear masks at all entrances?

Does one guest have a pet?

Does some of your staff have pets?

Do vendors have to make sure you bring a pet to the wedding, if you don´t have one?

Does anything in the restaurant or the bar have a sign posted with the words “no animals allowed”?

Do any of those things have a name?

Do some of those signs have a logo that’s similar to a name, or are there logos?

Is something on your website that says “no alcohol allowed”, “no wine allowed”, or “don´t eat in the reception?”

Does your website have a disclaimer that says, “The venue may be subject to change at any given time and is


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