Couples can save more on wedding insurance coverage by going to a wedding planning company

Couples with a wedding plan that doesn’t include a wedding photographer can save an extra $50,000 per year if they opt to get a wedding planner, according to a new survey.

The findings of a survey of 2,000 people conducted by the consulting firm AON Group came as the wedding industry grapples with the fallout from the Zika virus.

The survey found that wedding planners can save couples more than $20,000 annually by not including a wedding coordinator.

Wedding planning companies are required to include wedding photographers on their plan, and they typically charge a fee to do so.

But if a wedding company does not include a photographer, a bride or groom can find a cheaper option.

A wedding planner can charge $2,500 per month for a full-time wedding photographer.

That’s about $25,000 cheaper than the same-day wedding planner fee, and about $20 less than the standard fee for a wedding director.

For example, a full day wedding photographer will charge $4,000 to $5,000, and a wedding department wedding planner will charge about $2.75 per wedding.

Couples who go to a bride and groom planning company could save $10,000 on their wedding plans each year if the company included a wedding photography coordinator, according the survey.

That would allow a couple to have an annual wedding that includes an additional $1.5 million in wedding costs.

The report also found that bride and grooms planning companies could save about $1,000 in wedding planning fees by not paying a wedding consultant.

Couple couples who plan a wedding without a wedding photographers included on their plans can save about as much as couples who include wedding planning with their wedding planners.

The couples who opt for a non-weddington photographer are about $5.6 million cheaper on average than the wedding planning couples who do not include wedding planners, according a report from AON in August.

The wedding planning industry, however, has been struggling to find ways to keep up with the surge in wedding-related injuries and deaths.

In June, the Consumer Product Safety Commission warned that the rise in wedding injuries and fatalities is a public health crisis.

According to the survey, more than half of the 2,012 couples surveyed said they are looking for wedding-planning companies that include wedding photography.

The majority of the respondents (61%) said that the wedding photography companies should include wedding photos in their wedding planning plans, but most (61%), respondents said that wedding photographers should not be required to provide wedding photographs, the report found.

“The industry has to come up with ways to provide better health and safety for wedding guests and their families,” said Brian Mims, executive director of the AON Wedding Planning & Photography Association, which represents wedding photographers.

“If you don’t include wedding photographs in your wedding planning, then it’s hard to guarantee a safe and enjoyable wedding for your guests.”


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