How to plan a wedding that doesn’t include honeymooning

You don’t have to be in a honeymoon to enjoy the freedom of a wedding reception.

That’s the message from the CBC News Wedding Planning section.

In fact, we’ve teamed up with the Canadian Association of Wedding Professionals to help you plan your wedding with the help of expert wedding planning experts.

We’re calling them The Wedding Planner Network.

It’s designed to help people save time and money, find a wedding partner that matches your personality and find a venue that fits your lifestyle.

So if you’re thinking about getting married, here’s a quick guide to wedding planning that can help you make the most of your honeymoon and get your dreams in place.


Get yourself a wedding planner 2.

Get an idea of what the wedding needs from a wedding planning expert 3.

Find the right venue You can’t just hire someone to do the planning.

You need to get the wedding right from the get-go.

And you need to find a professional wedding planner.

You can choose from a range of wedding planning services including: wedding planning, home design, home decorating, wedding photography, wedding videography and wedding planning.

There’s no one-size-fits-all, so you have to pick the services that are right for you.

Read more about how to get started.

You’ll also need to know how to find the right wedding venue.

You want to be sure you can find the venue that is right for your preferences, such as whether it’s a family home, an apartment or a townhouse.

And if you want a small venue, you may need to consider choosing a smaller wedding.

So what are some tips to get your wedding planned?

Find out more about wedding planning with The Wedding Planning Network.

What to Expect When You Get Invited for Your Wedding 1.

Find a Wedding Planning Expert 2.

Choose the Right Wedding Venue 3.

Make the Most of Your Wedding Planning 4.

Meet the Guests, Engage with the Hosts and Have Fun 5.

Get Involved to Find Your Wedding Guest List 6.

Meet Your Guests and Engage With Them 7.

Have Fun with Your Wedding Guests 8.

Prepare the Venue and Celebrate Together 9.

Make Your Guest List 10.

Make your Guest List with the Wedding Venues You can also start with a free trial to get a feel for wedding planning before committing to a formal wedding.

The wedding planning section will provide guidance on getting started.

1 | What to expect when you get invited for your wedding 2 | What’s the process to get invited?

3 | What should you do to make sure your wedding is perfect?

4 | What are the rules for the wedding?

5 | What types of activities are allowed?

6 | What does a wedding look like?

7 | What is the venue?

8 | What can guests wear?

9 | What will happen when guests arrive?

10 | What else can guests do?

What to Look For When You Meet Your Wedding Host or Guest 4.

Your Wedding Can’t Wait to Hear About Your Wedding 5.

You’re a New Guest for a New Host 6.

How long will it take to find your venue?


Can you get your friends and family to come to your wedding?


Can I get married?


Are there specific things you should know before you start planning your wedding 10.

How can I book my wedding?

What can you expect when guests come?

1 | How to Plan a Wedding That Doesn’t Include Honeymooning


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