How to plan your wedding in 2020

“It’s really easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment,” said the bride of one groom in the book, which was published by the University of Texas Press in November.

“But it’s really hard to focus on the long-term goals you want.”

If you’re looking to get married in 2020, here are the best ways to plan a big, meaningful and memorable day.1.

Make sure the wedding ceremony is well attended2.

Plan to share the vows with your spouse3.

Choose a groom who you trust for the ceremony4.

Get married in a state where you are not already married5.

Use your imagination to find the perfect place to spend your wedding night6.

Plan a small group wedding7.

Ask the reception staff to show you around8.

Have fun planning your wedding9.

Know where you will eat after the wedding10.

Make a list of the places you can spend the night in and where you can get away with a few days out of town11.

Get a ring for your wedding12.

Take a daytrip to the beach or a vacation park or country club13.

Join a retreat14.

Go hiking in a nature preserve15.

Get your feet wet16.

Visit a spa or spa spa retreat17.

Take in the sunset18.

Eat something delicious while you’re on vacation19.

Visit an art gallery20.

Go on a date with a family member21.

Take your dog for a walk in a public park22.

Go for a hike with a neighbor23.

Go camping in the forest24.

Go skiing in the mountains25.

Take out a second mortgage and take out a loan26.

Go out to dinner27.

Get to know your new best friend28.

Get engaged with your new date29.

Get some exercise30.

Do a little bit of social media31.

Take the first day of spring cleaning at the grocery store32.

Take some time with your family33.

Get the kids to go to the park34.

Take to the gym35.

Take them on a walk36.

Get on a treadmill37.

Walk with a friend38.

Take on a new challenge39.

Go to a yoga class40.

Take their dog for an hour of walks41.

Go ice skating at the beach42.

Go swimming with a favorite pool43.

Go kayaking44.

Go biking in a river45.

Go scuba diving46.

Go climbing in a cave47.

Take an afternoon nap48.

Take one of their favorite trips49.

Take it easy50.

Get dressed for work51.

Go shopping52.

Get out for a long day of shopping53.

Take that day off54.

Start a new project55.

Get ready for spring cleaning56.

Go fishing57.

Take another day of vacation58.

Go snowboarding59.

Go sailing60.

Go running61.

Get in shape62.

Take up yoga or dance63.

Take swimming lessons64.

Go ski skiing or snowboarding65.

Take two more days of vacation66.

Take something to eat67.

Do some shopping68.

Take part in a fitness class69.

Take time for yourself and family70.

Take leave for the holidays71.

Get that coffee fix72.

Take care of some chores73.

Go get some sleep74.

Take more vacations75.

Go hunting76.

Go diving77.

Go backpacking78.

Take advantage of a vacation at the water park79.

Go canoeing80.

Go riding a bike81.

Go go camping82.

Take those summer days off83.

Go away for a week84.

Take vacation at another location85.

Take off for vacation with family86.

Take over a job for a day87.

Go bowling or poker88.

Go tennis with your buddies89.

Take back to school90.

Go through the motions91.

Take home with a nice treat92.

Take someone out to a barbecue93.

Go the dog drive94.

Go see a doctor95.

Take family members on a camping trip96.

Take stock of what you have in your life97.

Get down on one knee98.

Take turns in a game of poker99.

Go horseback riding and riding in the desert100.

Go sledding101.

Go cycling with your friends102.

Go a hike in the woods103.

Take three days of meditation104.

Go do a little yoga105.

Take five days of yoga for a year106.

Take away from work107.

Get away from your phone108.

Take charge of a family project109.

Take action on your child’s homework110.

Take at least two walks each day111.

Take this vacation again112.

Take my bike for a little walk113.

Take me to the grocery Store114.

Take all of your kids to the lake115.

Go golfing for a month116.

Take these trips for a while117.

Go outside and get some exercise118.

Take what you want for your birthday119.

Take yourself for a nice long walk120.

Take as many vacations as you want


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